Coordinated Ocean Observations

Bio-geochemical processes in the upper water-column driven by physical and biological forcings such as fronts, internal waves, wind-driven upwelling, plumes, blooms and anoxic zones, cover large spatial and temporal scales, from hundreds of Sq km across hours to weeks. To observe and characterize such dynamic ocean phenomena we need multiple platforms across differing levels of synopticity. To enable this, we have leveraged the efforts at LSTS in Porto to work towards building a system of systems, which can be used to control heterogenous robotic assets across space and time. This is ongoing work and builds on our efforts on onboard autonomy and the lab’s dominant strength in networked robotics. This effort has recently moved to include the use of Small Satellites (SmallSat) as space borne single sensor instruments looking at the ocean across multiple orbital planes. This has resulted in starting a SmallSat project based on a strategic roadmap to chart out the build up of such vehicles to augment in-situ observations, across biological (optical) and physical measurements.


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