Co-organizer Symposium on Advances in Ocean Observation,

Azores, July, 2022

US National Academies 'Ocean Shot' -- UN Decade of the Oceans

February, 2021

AIR Center, Portugal SUMMER@LSTS presentation

August, 2020

LSTS, Univ. of Porto Retreat

November, 2019

A SmallSat AUV Network

March, 2019

Science Philanthropy Alliance -- Transformative Technology Workshop

September, 2018

Advancing Autonomy in the Field, from Outer to Inner Space

Carnegie Mellon University, Computer Science Dept.
January, 2015

Robotics for Next Generation Ocean Science

EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF), Copenhagen
June 2014

Outreach to Middle School School students

Porto Area
May 2013

Technology Research & Innovation for Blue Growth: A Case for Intelligent Robots for Exploration & Monitoring

December 2013

Do Robots make Better Astronauts?

Debate with prominent Planetary Scientist Chris McKay of NASA Ames at Wonderfest
Univ. of California, Berkeley
Nov 2009

Exploring the Deep

4th grade Collins Elementary, Cupertino, California
November 2008
Mariano Castro Elementary, Mountain View, California
December 2008